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This book presents a feast of delicious and nutritious recipes created for women planning a baby, for pregnant women and for lactating ones. This is a boon to them.

Kanchan Kabra being a nutrition consultant and a dietician has formulated each recipe considering the nutrition value of the food and its palatability. Minute care has been taken to ensure that one gets the balanced & correct combination of nutrients during the 9 months of pregnancy and thereafter during lactation.

Apart from food, many useful tips are given in this book, to help you to solve and satisfy your complaints, which are common in more than half of the pregnant women. This book breaks the old myth which forces you to eat a lot of ghee so that the delivery becomes easy and less painful or not to eat fruits like papaya, pineapple, etc. which may cause miscarriage, and many such old-beliefs, which are completely baseless.

Kanchan G. Kabra has a Diploma in Health and Nutrition and Obesity Management. She received "The Gourmand World Cookbook Award" in Spain for her book The Paneer Cook Book'. Rather it should nourish all parts of the body for its proper functioning. She is an acknowledged expert in the field of cooking, be it Indian or international, and has held various cooking demonstrations at many centers in India and abroad. Apart from this she acts as a food consultant to various hotels, food industries, boarding schools and hospitals. According to her, cooking is not a chore, not a hobby but a fascination, a passion.

She prepared the menu for the then American President, Mr. Bill Clinton during his visit to Gujarat, India. She is a regular contributor to many leading newspaper and periodicals, radio and television programs. She is appointed as the expert on the Femina online website for her culinary skills and art. Recently, she has prepared a live cooking demonstration CD as an option to cookery books. The CD is superbly designed flashing recipes step by step which would help learners, housewives, teenagers and even the connoisseurs.

For more details you can log on to www.Kanchankabra.com or e-mail: kanchan@kanchankabra.com
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