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What is cholesterol?
When you have too much of a mushy yellow fat- related substance circulating in your bloodstream. If the same builds up on artery walls / or we can say if the same narrows down the lumen of the artery, it can block or clog the arteries and restrict blood flow possibly leading to an heart attack, stroke or angina pain. Itís not that cholesterol is bad for the body but infact it performs certain vital functions of the body for eg. Builds new cell, producing hormones and insulate nerves. Only when you have got too much of it you have a problem.
Where is cholesterol found?
It is present in the food we have mostly of animal origin. The American heart association AHA recommends that the intake of 300 milligrams for an individual is sufficient. Serum cholesterol is whatís in your blood stream and what the doctor measures with a cholesterol test
How important is the weight factor responsible in cholesterol levels?
  1. The more overweight you are the more cholesterol your body produces.
  2. Body weight is the single most factors in the determinant of serum cholesterol. Every 9 kg rise in the body weight elevates the cholesterol levels by 2 points. It has been proved that there is a definitive link between increased body weight and elevation of cholesterol.
What all factors are responsible for high rates of cholesterol?
Three principal dietary factors have an impact on blood cholesterol levels
  1. Saturated fat; which elevates blood cholesterol.
  2. Unsaturated fats; which lower blood cholesterol.
  3. Dietary cholesterol; which can contribute to elevated blood cholesterol to a lesser degree than saturated fats.
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