Kanchan Kabra
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7 A.M
One glass warm water with juice of one lemon + 1 tsp honey

(8 0’clock) one cup of tea / coffee with little sugar with 2 marie biscuits
9:30 A.M
One seasonal fruit, one wheat bread vegetable sandwich without butter with coriander chutney

OR one bowl of cornflakes with milk OR one bowl sprouted beans. (Any 2 dishes)
11:30 A.M
Coconut water OR butter milk OR tea or coffee with less sugar (Any 2 with a gap of 1 hour)

1:30 A.M
2 chapattis without ghee, a bowl of rice without ghee, a big bowl of green vegetables, a bowl of pulses, a bowl of salad, a bowl of fresh curds or a glass of butter milk.

4:30 A.M
A seasonal fruit, a bowl of puffed rice OR a khakhra OR a bowl of roasted snack Tea / coffee with less sugar.

8:30 A.M
A big bowl of vegetable soup at 7 0’clock

2 chapattis, a big bowl of vegetable khichdi or vegetable porridge, a bowl of green vegetable, a bowl of curry

A glass of warm milk 45 minutes before going to bed.
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Kanchan Kabra
Kanchan Kabra Kanchan Kabra