Kanchan Kabra
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Appetizer : small and light portion of food or a drink served before dinner.
Boil : To cook at boiling point.
Batter : A mixture of flour and liquid of such consistency that it can be beaten or stirred.
Beat : To make a mixture smooth and free of lump.
Blend : To combine two or more things well, generally in a mixture grinder.
Blanch : To dip food in boiling water and then into cold water to remove the skin.(to blanch the tomatoes, almonds)
Brush : To spread thinly with a knife or a brush.
Coat : To cover with a thin layer.
Consistency : The thickness or texture of a mixture such as pakoras, cakes etc.
Cubes : To cut into small even squares or diced.
Dice : To cut into small even cubes.
Drain : To remove water from the food.
Dot : To scatter small amount of butter, ketchup, nuts, chocolate etc.
Dust : To sprinkle or coat lightly with flour or sugar.
Dough : A mixture of liquid, flour etc kneaded together into a stiff paste or roll.
Deep fry : To cook the food in a deep layer of hot fat.
Dissolve : To make a solution with a liquid and a dry substance.eg: -sugar and water.
Fry : To cook in a small amount of fat.
Fat : A term used for butter, oil, ghee, margarine etc.
Garnish : To decorate
Grate : To shave into small shreds on a grater.
Grill : To cook directly under a flame or heating in an oven.
Knead : To work dough lightly by bringing the outside of the dough into the center, using the knuckles of the hands.
Peel : To strip off the outer covering eg: -peel off the potatoes.
Pre-heat : To heat oven to stated temperature before product goes in.
Puree : A smooth mixture obtained by rubbing cooked fruit, vegetables etc. through a sieve.
Roasting : Cooking with or without a little fat by stirring continuously.
Marinating : To prick and soak the food for few hours in a sauce of spices.eg: -marinating paneer, potatoes.
Sauté : To toss and make lightly brown in shallow fat.
Stock : Well- flavored liquid made from vegetables, etc. Usually the left over liquid after boiling the ingredients.
Steam : To cook in the steam which arises from a pan of boiling water.
Sift : To pass through a fine sieve so as to remove lumps.
Strain : To filter coarsely, to remove food from liquid.
Simmer : To cook just below the boiling point, on a slow flame.eg: - Simmering the Dals and gravies etc.
Toss : To lightly mix ingredients without mashing them To lightly mix ingredients without mashing them
Whip : To beat liquid with a fork until it froths.
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Kanchan Kabra
Kanchan Kabra Kanchan Kabra